Heroes behind the Heroes – Spruce Meadows

Heroes behind Heroes marks the second of six fun runs at Spruce Meadows.

This was a 2km run, a 5km obstacle course and a 10km run. To my Surprise the 5km and 10km were chipped timed. It was only advertised as a 10km chip time.

Since I wasn’t able to do package pick up early, I had to do it on race day. As these are smaller events this year there wasn’t much of a wait to get my bag of goodies. Once again I was not disappointed in the bag. This time I received a shirt, a magazine, sunglasses, a first aid kit and a bandana.


Arriving at the 8:00am start time to find out the 10km started at 8:00am. As I remembered back I thought “oh yeah, the first event didn’t all start at the same time either” The 10km runners started and they the 5km obstacle course runners started. Being an obstacle course the event organizers set up off in groups of 20. So I waited a little longer as I was in the third group. Which I am ok with if it means that racers are safe. I have been to many an event in the past that was a complete gong show and very dangerous.

Finally I am off. First obstacle is jumping jacks, push ups and box jumps. Second obstacle…if you could call it that is “snipers” in the bushes with water guns. Then we trail through the grounds for a while till we reach the third obstacle which I chose to not do given my unstable hip. It is a “carry the bullet case” up and over Everyone seemed to be having a blast with this one.


Off we go around the parking lot again. Still not sure why we have to do this, but ok. The fourth obstacle is an over-under with heavy water jugs. I came out the other side to realize that I had gone under the overs and over the unders. That must give me extra points right?!?!?! Down a sandy path to another parking lot.


Up hamburger hill with the help of a rope and a couple of cute army guys yelling at me. Rounds me back to my snipers again. Towards the finish is a huge tank of ice water. The polar bear dip. I Can’t wait. I love getting dirty or wet in races. The nice army man held my ipod for me and even my hand as I climbed the stairs to jump in. Yes the race people said no electronics warning us that they might get ruined. But I wanted to take pictures.


Cross the finish line and am handed another box of cereal and my finishers medal. Again we are giving a meal provided by Great Events. A pancake breakfast with sausage. Yummy! We were also told that because it was Canada Day and there was jumping going on we could go into the grounds for free. Something I would have loved to do if I wasn’t soaking wet and without my children. I did however wander around the finish line to look at the big tanks, I was allowed to hold a gun. Which was surprisingly heavy. When I handed it back to the man with two hands he took it from me in one hand and I asked him if he had a good hold of it before I let it go. “Yeah cause the huge army guy can’t hold a heavy gun. Duh”


Once again a great event from Spruce Meadows. This makes two of six. Next event is in August 16th This one is titles “run through the meadows” to support Alberta’s Fire Fighters Burn Camp.


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Spruce Meadows Pawsitively fun run

June 21st marked the start of the Spruce Meadows Fun Run series. The first event was the pawsitively fun run. A 5km race to raise funds for the Alberta and BC Guide dogs.

Package pick up was a dream with the friendly staff allowing me to change my too small shirt with a bigger one right then and there. Which doesn’t happen at race package pick ups ever!
I often say that a race package pick up is like Christmas morning for a runner. I can hardly wait to get to my car to see what goodies the “running santa” has given me. I was not left disappointed. The reusable sling bag was full. In true form for a dog run. It had a chuck it toy, tennis ball, leash, poop bags and poop bag holder, a dog maginzine, a coupon for a free lunch after the run, and the run shirt. AMAZING!


Race day…

Our rainy morning didn’t stand a chance against the beautiful back drop of Spruce Meadows. The event started and we ran began our run through the grounds passing trainers with their horses in the training rings, Riders leading their horses to corals and others riding their horses to….well I don’t know where but somewhere fun I am sure.


The back drop was beautiful for the first 2.5km. The 2.5 to 3.5km was a bit strange….we laced back and forth through one of the parking lots. switching back and forth. Almost felt like they were making up distance. which I thought was strange seeing as how Spruce Meadows is huge. I started to wondering if all the races will be the same course or are each going to be different and this is why this one is this way. the remainder of the course went back to it’s green lush self.

I didn’t realize that Spruce Meadows had so many nooks and crannies. Places that I made a mental note to bring my girls back at a future date.


I crossed the finish line and received my finishers medal and a box of cereal! The gifts they keep on coming. After crossing the line. I went and played with the guide dogs that had been brought by their handler. I learned that you are a handler for a year to eighteen months and that if you can’t commit to that you can be a vacation relief for someone who is a full time handler. This is something I am very interested in. I will be following up with this in the near future.

This is buttons with her finisher medal. Way to go Buttons!


Next race at Spruce Meadows: The Canada Day Heroes behind the heroes. July 1st.

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Spruce Meadows Fun Runs

Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Alberta has released a series of fun runs to celebrate their 40th year. Starting in June with the last run in December. Each run having it’s own fun little theme.

I am going to enter each event. let’s do this!

The first event is to support Alberta and BC guide dogs.  A foundation that provides dogs to the hearing impaired and the blind. They also provide dogs to Autistic children.  Having a friend who has an autistic child. I feel strongly about this event.


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3+ months post recovery

I am just about three and a half months after surgery. things are going ok…….

I am still having a bit of pain that I was having before surgery. So I have to get a xray guided cortisone shot this Tuesday. I have had all my restrictions and limitations removed and I am going full steam ahead on rehab. I am squatting, riding a bike, stretching and building strength.

Recovery is going slower than I would like, but according to doctors and physio’s it is right on track. I was hoping to be teaching by mid April early May. But it looks like I will have to push that back to June or July.

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thoughts about running

I am wondering when and if I will be able to sign up for runs this year and if so…..how long into 2015 before I do.

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Road to Recovery week 5

I have been pretty up beat the last 4 weeks. Week five finds me a bit cranky. Walking up in the morning grab my crutches and my hands and wrists hurt. I struggle to get dressed than hobble to my girls bathroom. Because my bathroom is too small for me to move around in. Head down the stairs to stumble around the kitchen to stand to eat a bowl of cereal. I haven’t had caffeine in over a month. The extra energy is not welcome in my body when I have to sit around all day.

None of this is new to me in the last month. It is just getting old. My hands are bruised and callused. My right heel has a constant feeling of pins and needles from not baring weight on it. My leg is still cold all the time. I am just over it now.

I had asked my doctor at my two week follow-up if I could do more than I was. Put more than 30 pounds of weight on my leg, bend more or even drive. He said no. But I have to admit. The last day or two has me thinking. Using one crutch can’t be a big problem if I only do it to go to the washroom and back to the couch. right??? But I have found that either I am doing it wrong or my hip is not ready for that much weight because it hurts and aches. Strange….maybe my doctor knows what he is talking about.

My family including myself is over me not being able to do anything. My husband is about to go back to work after two weeks off for christmas and he is going back to work tired. My girls go back to work on Tuesday and they are over being stuck in the house with me. We have gone out everyday either to a store or the off leash. But we haven’t done any of the fun stuff we normally do like sledding.

I go to my doctor for my 6 weeks follow-up on the 12th and I can’t help but wonder what is next. I can’t imagine the I will go from full crutches to walking out of his office. One crutch seems to make sense to me. But even putting an extra 10 pounds of weight on my leg hurts me. So how does that work? I assume I will get to go to rehab. But what does that mean? When can I drive. I assumed I would be able to go back to work. But will I be able to? When I asked him at two weeks he replied with “we will chat at 6 weeks”. What does that even mean!?!?!?! See….told you I was cranky.

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week 3 recovery from hip surgery

When I was told surgery would be on November 28th and that I would be on crutches for 6 weeks I thought “great! my husband only needs to take a week of vacation because he will be off for two weeks during the holiday’s”. Not thinking that because I am on crutches I wouldn’t be able to do anything Christmas related. I normally do days of baking, most, if not all of the shopping and half of the wrapping. I buy the tree, we as a family decorate it, but I do the rest of the house. I shop and cook Christmas supper.
This all now lays at the feet of my husband. On top of the normal day to day chores of keeping the house. Laundry, cleaning, food shopping, keeping the kids clean etc. etc. etc.

It is the day before Christmas eve and I feel very…..not ready. My husband can’t really leave me in the house alone. Because I can’t get around very well. We can’t go shopping with the girls for obvious reasons. Today, He left me and our youngest in Starbucks while he did some shopping. Our oldest was at a friends house. But we are still needing to get stuff done. I have given up on the thought of Christmas baking. The cards we send out?? Not done. Maybe in the new year. Christmas supper……Husband is doing it.

I am watching a lot of Christmas movies with the girls. Painting their nails with Christmas designs. Maybe gifts just get wrapped in gift bags this year. (I can’t sit up to wrap presents).

Christmas is looking different this year. But it is still Christmas. It is not about baking, presents and turkeys. It’s about family, love, laughs and playing games. We have played ole’ maid, spot it Christmas and watched every movie under the mistletoe toe. I am starting to think this is a much better Christmas then years past.


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