Children’s Yoga

Children’s yoga develops flexibility, strength, stamina, agility, balance, coordination and cardiovascular fitness. Emphasizes proper body alignment so children avoid injury. Promotes mental and physical health and a positive attitude toward exercise. Promotes concentration, self-discipline and develops inner strength and clarity. Breath control is an integral part of yoga and meditation. Children learn to value their breath. Breath meditation teaches children to deepen and slow down their breath and be calm and inward focused. It is a valuable skill that they can utilize their entire lives. Builds cooperative skills and good social behavior by working with a partner or in a group. Promotes positive communication and good listening skills which foster self- respect, compassion and respect for others. Builds self-confidence. Encourages children’s creative imagination and self-expression.

Date: September 12th – November 14th
Age: 4-6 years old
Time: 4:30 – 5:15
Location: Calgary Jewish Centre 403.253.8600 to register

Date: September 12th- November 14th
Age 7-11 years old
Time 5:30-6:30
Location: Calgary Jewish Centre 403.253.8600 to register