About Me

My name is Louise.  I am a mother of two who just happens to love running and working out.  I kinda fell into working out after the birth of my second daughter Sophia.  A friend of mine convinced me to do a drop-in outdoor boot camp.  I fell in love.  It was great.  The workout was as hard as you personally made it.  The harder I worked the better I felt.  I then took up running as a cheap way to work out.  I discovered I could run anytime, anywhere.  I love the way running makes me feel.  I feel strong, confident and relaxed.

After years of running and working out I decided that it was time for me to start helping other people achieve their perfect fitness level.  To do this I have received my CanFitPro certification as well as my CPR-AED. I have recently completed my Older Adult designation and mind body certification.

I am also a licenced Zumba Instructor.

I have seen lots of trainers who think it is their job to punish you during a workout.  To make you hurt, to make you sick.  That is not me.

Yes it will be work, yes it will be hard, it will take dedication.  But I promise you, if you dedicate yourself to me, I will dedicate myself to you.  I will get you to your goal.

I also love to write about stuff.  So I decided to use this site for not only my classes and personal training information, but also a place to review races, equipment, as well a place to educate people on the ins and outs of a healthy lifestyle.

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