30 day Core Challenge week 2

kneeling elbow to knee – 20

kneel with one arm stabilized directly under shoulder, reaching other arm forward at the shoulder level and opposite leg back to hip height point toes. Exhale contract abs, round your back up to the ceiling while drawing elbow to knee. Repeat hold last extension for 5 breathes
change sides.

Superman – 10 if you are new to these 20 if you have done them before

lay face down on the ground, with your hands beside your head at ear level. Pull your belly button in towards your spine. Squeeze your butt cheeks and inner thighs together and you lift your shoulders and your feet off the ground. Point your toes to the back of the room and reach the crown of your head to the front of the room. And lower.

side plank crunches – 20 times each side

lay on your side, prop yourself up on your elbow. Making sure you elbow is under your shoulder. Stack your hips on top of each other as well as your ankles. Bring yourself up onto a side plank with either both legs straight or your bottom leg bent knee on the ground. Lift your upper leg bend your knee and bring it to your bent elbow on the exhale. On the inhale reach arm overhead and straighten the upper leg.

dead bug – 20 times each side

lay on your back, pull your belly button into your spine. Legs straight up in the air Arms overhead. Lower right leg to the floor. Bring right leg up while lifting upper body and bringing left hand to meet with right foot. Lower arms and leg together. Then change sides.

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