30 day core challenge Week 1

Week 1

Sets – 4 – this is how many times you do all 4 exercises.
Reps – 20-30 depending on your fitness level – how many times you do the exercise before moving on to the next one.

1. Plank – as long as you can hold it

Squeeze your inner thighs together imagine you have an orange in between your thighs and you don’t want to drop it. pull your belly button into your spine, squeeze your bum cheeks, push your heels to the back of the room, and tuck your tailbone under. Ensure you wrist, elbows and shoulders are in a straight line.

2. Russian twists

Knees bent, pull belly button into spine, recline back as far as you can go without rounding your back, Maintain a long straight back. With a weight in hand tap the left side of the floor, bring weight up to center and lower to the right side of floor and tap. That is one.

Keep legs under control; do not let legs sway from side to side. Squeeze knees together – if this is too easy lift legs into a v –sit position

3. ankle taps

lay on your back, knees bent, bring feet close to bum, lift your shoulders off the mat, with your hands by your side, palms facing out, reach under your knee behind your thighs for the inside of your ankle fingers pass by heel tap your inside ankle, tap one ankle at a time creating a rocking motion.

4. Bum lifts

Lay on your back, legs straight up in the air, hands on either side of you hip for safety. Pull your belly button in, squeeze inner thighs together, flex your feet drive your heels up to the sky. lift your bum off the mat. And with control lower it down. Keeping contact with your shoulders on the mat the whole time. Stay in control; do not let momentum take over. This is not a rocking motion this is a controlled rise up and lower down motion. You should only lift a cm or two off the mat.

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