It’s ok to sweat

Having sat on my couch for the last 10ish months has left me fairly out of shape. Yes I have gone back to teaching yoga, but if I am being honest….I don’t really do the class. I instruct. The reason…..I am scared to sweat. Stupid right?

Coming from someone who has made a small living off of sweating for the last 4 years. Since hip surgery in November. When I get hot I get dizzy. Which means now I am scared to get hot or sweating. Heaven forbid I was teaching a class got dizzy and had to stop the class.

I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! There is NO reason to not sweat. I have never fainted, fallen over or thrown up. It is just a fear in my head. So……ENOUGH. It is time to take control of my life. My health and my sweat.

I have been walking, and yoga for months. But recently I have decided that I will RUN in a 5km race October 3rd. Not walk it, which I have been doing for the last few events I have done. Sounds silly but someone who has been a runner for years. To walk an event feels like giving up. There is no reason for this, physical activity no matter what it is, is activity.

August 25th I went on my treadmill. In the past I could run on the treadmill for 3 hours. I thought better start off slow. I thought I will do 2km. Just a little 10 minute run. Ease into it. WOW! 15 minutes 13 seconds later. I am texting my dad who is also a runner. “I ran!” The next day…..yep every muscle in my right leg hurt. Reminding me that I am still “recovering” from hip surgery.

fast forward a few weeks

Friday September 11th. I am going to run again. My daughters birthday party is the next day so I have to be careful I have to be able to control 18 8 year olds. 2.19km in 21 minutes and 10 seconds?!?!?!?!?! WTH!!! I can walk fast than that!! I text my dad again. “my treadmill must be wrong…..wait my garmin says the same thing DAMN”

Today September 13th…..ok….let’s try this again. Knowing that I have to go to work tomorrow and must be able to function. I don’t want to “over train”. I think I will only do 2km today. 2.16km in 15 minutes 21 seconds. WAAAAA!!! I took almost 5 minutes off my time! Hope I can walk tomorrow.

But more to the point….I got a sweat on! I left my treadmill sweating. I lived! I didn’t die! My confidence is getting a boost that it really needs.

Day off for a few days then teaching yoga on Wednesday.

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