7 months post surgery

You heard right it has been 7 long months since I went into the hospital to get my hip repaired. I am recovering…..the way I want to??? no. As quickly as I would like???? no. but I am recovering.

I have been told the surgery didn’t work. I have been told that I am in need of a more serious surgery. I have been told that I need to look at the next few months and decide if I can adapt my life enough to be happy with what I have or If I simply can not live the life I want to live without the new surgery. Which means possibly not teaching anymore. Not being as active as I would like to be.

I am spending the next few months. July to November adapting my life while still living my life. I will test my body to see what I can do, what I can’t do, what hurts and what limitations I have. This will help me figure out my next step.

As I am now…..I can do modified yoga. By that I mean I have lost a lot of strength, flexibility and mobility in my hip so high lunges and side planks are out of the question right now. Now the follow up question to that is….will it always be out of the question or is it a matter of time. 7 months according to my family doctor is not a lot of healing time. He says it is closer to 18 months before I will feel “normal” again. I don’t have 18 months. November will be 1 year. And yes I understand that I can say hold off for now. Bump me down the list. Call me next week. But by November I would think I would have a pretty good idea of how my hip will cope with my very active life.

How is the rest of my body holding up????? well my mid section of my body is protesting. It is staging a sit in. It refuses to hold itself up. I find sucking it in…..well there isn’t enough space to suck in that much stomach. My clothes are fitting snug. Which means I need to start looking at the amount of food I am eating. The kind of food yes. But in fairness we eat very well. This is something that has always been very important to me. Healthy food healthy living. I think I am just eating that same amount of food as when I was training and I am not even a third as active as I used to be.

My activity……I walk…..not enough, but I walk. I try to do yoga daily if not every other day. I am back to teaching yoga twice a week. With my modifications. I feel like this makes me more human to my participates. So many yoga instructors are perfect. I am showing modifications and showing them the human side of me. I am doing minor weights to strengthen up my upper body. It is the cardio that I am missing. I can’t go swimming…..because I don’t know how…..and I can’t ride an outdoor bike because my hip just doesn’t like it. I can ride the indoor stationary bike. But that is just boring. I guess it is better then nothing. Stop complaining right?

Ok…… so I have until November to turn my fitness life around. My goals are to get to the point where I can function. I can go for walks and not have to worry about if I have walked to far and will be sore later. I want to be able to do yoga unmodified. I want to run!!! OK, OK…running might be off my radar for a while. I do miss it though. I want my abs back.

Ok…I have a plan. I will upload it tomorrow for those that want to follow.


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