Spruce Meadows Pawsitively fun run

June 21st marked the start of the Spruce Meadows Fun Run series. The first event was the pawsitively fun run. A 5km race to raise funds for the Alberta and BC Guide dogs.

Package pick up was a dream with the friendly staff allowing me to change my too small shirt with a bigger one right then and there. Which doesn’t happen at race package pick ups ever!
I often say that a race package pick up is like Christmas morning for a runner. I can hardly wait to get to my car to see what goodies the “running santa” has given me. I was not left disappointed. The reusable sling bag was full. In true form for a dog run. It had a chuck it toy, tennis ball, leash, poop bags and poop bag holder, a dog maginzine, a coupon for a free lunch after the run, and the run shirt. AMAZING!


Race day…

Our rainy morning didn’t stand a chance against the beautiful back drop of Spruce Meadows. The event started and we ran began our run through the grounds passing trainers with their horses in the training rings, Riders leading their horses to corals and others riding their horses to….well I don’t know where but somewhere fun I am sure.


The back drop was beautiful for the first 2.5km. The 2.5 to 3.5km was a bit strange….we laced back and forth through one of the parking lots. switching back and forth. Almost felt like they were making up distance. which I thought was strange seeing as how Spruce Meadows is huge. I started to wondering if all the races will be the same course or are each going to be different and this is why this one is this way. the remainder of the course went back to it’s green lush self.

I didn’t realize that Spruce Meadows had so many nooks and crannies. Places that I made a mental note to bring my girls back at a future date.


I crossed the finish line and received my finishers medal and a box of cereal! The gifts they keep on coming. After crossing the line. I went and played with the guide dogs that had been brought by their handler. I learned that you are a handler for a year to eighteen months and that if you can’t commit to that you can be a vacation relief for someone who is a full time handler. This is something I am very interested in. I will be following up with this in the near future.

This is buttons with her finisher medal. Way to go Buttons!


Next race at Spruce Meadows: The Canada Day Heroes behind the heroes. July 1st.

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One Response to Spruce Meadows Pawsitively fun run

  1. That sounds like such a fun race!! I love that photo of Buttons!

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