Road to Recovery week 5

I have been pretty up beat the last 4 weeks. Week five finds me a bit cranky. Walking up in the morning grab my crutches and my hands and wrists hurt. I struggle to get dressed than hobble to my girls bathroom. Because my bathroom is too small for me to move around in. Head down the stairs to stumble around the kitchen to stand to eat a bowl of cereal. I haven’t had caffeine in over a month. The extra energy is not welcome in my body when I have to sit around all day.

None of this is new to me in the last month. It is just getting old. My hands are bruised and callused. My right heel has a constant feeling of pins and needles from not baring weight on it. My leg is still cold all the time. I am just over it now.

I had asked my doctor at my two week follow-up if I could do more than I was. Put more than 30 pounds of weight on my leg, bend more or even drive. He said no. But I have to admit. The last day or two has me thinking. Using one crutch can’t be a big problem if I only do it to go to the washroom and back to the couch. right??? But I have found that either I am doing it wrong or my hip is not ready for that much weight because it hurts and aches. Strange….maybe my doctor knows what he is talking about.

My family including myself is over me not being able to do anything. My husband is about to go back to work after two weeks off for christmas and he is going back to work tired. My girls go back to work on Tuesday and they are over being stuck in the house with me. We have gone out everyday either to a store or the off leash. But we haven’t done any of the fun stuff we normally do like sledding.

I go to my doctor for my 6 weeks follow-up on the 12th and I can’t help but wonder what is next. I can’t imagine the I will go from full crutches to walking out of his office. One crutch seems to make sense to me. But even putting an extra 10 pounds of weight on my leg hurts me. So how does that work? I assume I will get to go to rehab. But what does that mean? When can I drive. I assumed I would be able to go back to work. But will I be able to? When I asked him at two weeks he replied with “we will chat at 6 weeks”. What does that even mean!?!?!?! See….told you I was cranky.

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