week 3 recovery from hip surgery

When I was told surgery would be on November 28th and that I would be on crutches for 6 weeks I thought “great! my husband only needs to take a week of vacation because he will be off for two weeks during the holiday’s”. Not thinking that because I am on crutches I wouldn’t be able to do anything Christmas related. I normally do days of baking, most, if not all of the shopping and half of the wrapping. I buy the tree, we as a family decorate it, but I do the rest of the house. I shop and cook Christmas supper.
This all now lays at the feet of my husband. On top of the normal day to day chores of keeping the house. Laundry, cleaning, food shopping, keeping the kids clean etc. etc. etc.

It is the day before Christmas eve and I feel very…..not ready. My husband can’t really leave me in the house alone. Because I can’t get around very well. We can’t go shopping with the girls for obvious reasons. Today, He left me and our youngest in Starbucks while he did some shopping. Our oldest was at a friends house. But we are still needing to get stuff done. I have given up on the thought of Christmas baking. The cards we send out?? Not done. Maybe in the new year. Christmas supper……Husband is doing it.

I am watching a lot of Christmas movies with the girls. Painting their nails with Christmas designs. Maybe gifts just get wrapped in gift bags this year. (I can’t sit up to wrap presents).

Christmas is looking different this year. But it is still Christmas. It is not about baking, presents and turkeys. It’s about family, love, laughs and playing games. We have played ole’ maid, spot it Christmas and watched every movie under the mistletoe toe. I am starting to think this is a much better Christmas then years past.


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One Response to week 3 recovery from hip surgery

  1. Audrey Bede says:

    I’m also in a situation like yours. Take care, Louise. Wish you all the strength.

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