Week Two Hip Surgery

December 12th two weeks down, four weeks to go.

A few things I have noticed while being home for the last two weeks.

1. I can’t carry a dang thing. Not even my cell phone. I now have a small bag that goes room to room with me. Complete with I pad, phone, word search book, water and Advil. My poor husband had to carry so much stuff for me the first few days. I felt it was only fair.
2. I spend a lot of time in my car alone. While others run into a store or take the dog to the off leash. I wait and read, play a game or do a word search.
3. Going up and down the stairs is more work than worth most of the time. I have my husband stand in front of me while going down the stairs and behind me while I go up the stairs to ensure I don’t lose balance, catch a crutch or fall down the stairs.
4. I haven’t showered alone in two weeks. I can’t wash my legs or feet. My husband has this wonderful new task. He then has to dry and lotion my legs. My husband is very much against lotioning. He hates it.
5. When out shopping, people around you are really not looking where they are going and bump into me repeated. I have used the ride of scooter a few times in large stores such as walmart and superstore. I have repeatedly been glared at by many. People looked at me and wondering why I am being lazy and using the scooter. I don’t have a cast after all that would show an obvious injury. I even had a staff member asked me what my problem was. I kinda want to get a shirt made that says “I had hip surgery, yes I am young. shit happens”.
6. Getting in and out of the truck is a two person job. I have to put my arm around either my husbands or my mums shoulder and hop up to the runner board of the truck then ease my way into the truck. I have been forgotten a few times. My family climbs into the drivers seat and look over to me standing there. A look of exhaustion crosses their face for a brief second and the get out and help me in. Getting out I have to slither myself out.
7. Not being able to roll over or move in my sleep has caused me to have lack of sleep. I have since begun rolling over onto my good side. But the pressure this creates on my hip causes me to move shortly after back onto my back. I then walk myself up because I am stretching my leg in my sleep. Pointing and flexing my leg
8. When I drop something on the floor…..it’s really far down.
9. I have a gripper. But it always happens to be in a different room when I need it and it is always on the floor in said room. This is thanks to my girls.
10. getting dressed with out bending makes me laugh every time. Have you tried to put on a thong with out bending. try it.
11. brushing my teeth without bending at the waist to spit out my toothpaste causes the toothpaste to fly everywhere from the counter to the mirror to the dog who is sitting on the floor next to me.
12. Stores are not built to have someone with crutches or a wheelchair go through them. Stores are very cramped and have small isles. I have knocked over a lot of stuff in the two weeks. Then because it’s on the floor I can’t bend over to pick it up.
13. Chair legs and stuff left on the floor is a hazard
14. December in Calgary, Alberta. My fear of slipping on the snow and ice has been unfounded. The slipping happens at home on the hardwood and tile when the snow in my crutches melts.
15. my house is not as clean as I would like it. I have to just accept that. Be grateful for the help I have.

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