After surgery

First of all. I have to say. Waking up from surgery I felt no pain. I have heard from people who have had this or a similar surgery that you tend to wake up that way. As I mentioned before I feared the “after the hospital meds wear off pain”. But I haven’t had any pain. Crazy!

I was given general anesthetic and a epidural. When I woke up I had a mild panic because I couldn’t feel my toes. OH MY GOD I can’t feel my toes. Am I paralyzed? Am I going to walk again? Will I ever teach again? I remember saying to the nurse. “are my legs bent?” “No” she replied. “Am I laying on my side?” I asked “no” she replied once more. “why do I feel like I am on my side with my legs in a “clam shell” position?” The nurse explained to me that this must have been my last thought or memory before going to sleep. hmmmm interesting. My follow up question was the obvious “why can’t I feel my leg or toes?” Because of the epidural. I was told. Well duh. makes sense.

Around noon I was taken to my pre op room where I was given the chance to rest. Nurses came in every half hour and put a bag on my leg. Asking if I could feel it. Yes I could feel it. Then I realized they were asking if I could feel the cold in the bag. “ummmmmmm no”. Strange feeling to not be able to feel something that you have felt for years. I kept moving my toes. Or so I thought. I asked my husband a few times to check to see if my toes were moving. “nope, not yet” was how he answered me for the first 3 hours. By 3:30 I could feel mind shin and move my toes ever so slightly. And I mean slightly. If I really concentrated.

Once I was able to go to the washroom and prove that I could walk properly on crutches I was allowed to go home. I was given instructions that I was not to bend more than 60 degrees at the hip, I wasn’t allowed to put my more than 30 pounds of weight on my foot. which at the time seemed like a lot. After weighing my step a few times. it really isn’t that much pressure and when I felt ready the next day I could get on my stationary bike with no resistance.

My husband wheeled me to our big F150 truck. This was something to laugh about. My husband and I looked at each other like “hmm they didn’t give us instructions on how to do this”. We awkwardly managed to get me in front seat and home we went.

After a short stop at our local pharmacy for my medications we pulled into my driveway around 5pm. Up to bed. It’s an interesting feeling trying to lift a leg when your hip is still numb. your mind gets it, you leg gets it, your hip on the other hand doesn’t get it. My husband had to lift and move my leg for me. This for whatever reason seemed beyond funny to me.

I wonder what the next 6 weeks will bring.

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