Road to Recovery – pre-op

November 28th is the date of my long awaited hip surgery. I have been working with my Physiotherapist and my surgeon for almost 2 years to fix the damage in my hip, to remove the daily pain and ache that I have had. I plan to blog about my recovery week by week. Here is what I know so far.
Crutches for 6 weeks. No weight bearing. That is all I know. Not a lot of information really.

I will be honest. I have been dreading this day since July when it was decided I would have to go in to the hospital. I had, had a shoulder surgery 2 years ago to fix damage left from a car accident. I had been in so much pain for weeks after that surgery that I dreaded the hip operation. Being a person who doesn’t like having an upset stomach, heartburn or female cramping. I was terrified that I would experience these pains after coming home from the hospital. I even had a conversation with my dad where I told him one of my fears would be that I needed to get to the washroom and wouldn’t make it in time.

The day loomed over me like a black cloud. People asked me if I was excited, scared, nervous. I responded with “shit Scared” and “all of the above”. I was excited of course. Excited to get my life back. For two years I haven’t been able to run, play or live like I would like to. Being hindered by the disjointing of my hip at any given moment. Scared for obvious reasons. What if it doesn’t work, what about the recovery pain, what if I don’t wake up.

Being a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor and working in an elementary school people that know me, know that I don’t sit still for every long. I have been compared to a shark. Never stop moving. People I am sure are taking bets on how long before I go against doctors orders and go for a walk without crutches or return to work sooner than I should. I plan to do what my doctor tells me, down to the letter. I am over being in pain, not doing stuff. I am thinking of it as short term pain for long term gain. If I don’t do what he tells me to do it will take me longer to recovery, possibly hurt myself and maybe a corrective surgery to fix the thing he just fixed. Not an option for me at this point.

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