Yoga weekend 2

March 7-9

Have you ever done something and you think. “One of these things is not like the other!”? Not me!! yoga weekend number 2 was great!

We worked on Sun Salutations, foundations, Spine, structure of skeleton, Sanskrit and foot and hand placement.

I remember thinking to myself on this weekend. Gawd! how will I ever remember the sun salutations? So many steps to one little part of a class.

Now I can cue through an hour long class with the greatest of ease. I can link breathe with movement with foundation.

Sanskrit on the other hand……..I read somewhere once that a child can learn many new language in the first 5 years of life, because their tongues and mouth haven’t become “lazy”. As we age our minds, mouths and voice box get used to our language making it hard to learn a new language. thus not being able to roll your RRR’s. I believe it. Having to learn new sounds, mouth formations and translations. It is very challenging.

Our anatomy is being taught by the wonderful Terry. He is a leader in the physiology world. Working\learning from him is great. he is full of stories and examples that can put things into perspective.

foot and hand placement…..who knew?!?!?! I had no idea that so much went into how and where you place your hands and feet during yoga. Makes sense because you are to be grounded or rooted if you will into the mat (earth). But it made me wonder, in all the classes I have attended I haven’t heard that much detail. Which makes me further wonder, how many people are doing yoga wrong. Not to the full ability. Not activating their arms, legs, core the proper way. All because the instructor isn’t cueing them to do so. Hmmmm. Must make sure I am never that kind of instructor.

How to root through your feet:
standing feet hip width apart. lift your heels and place them down, lift your toes and place them down. rock back and forth feeling the ground underneath you. Lift your toes, lower them down one toe at a time starting from the baby toe all the way up to the big toe. Feel the boney articulations at the root of your toes. Your feet are now grounded.

How to root your hands:
When you are in any hand weighted asana (pose) such as downward facing dog, Plank, or crane for example you need to have the your body weight evenly weighted through your hands. this takes the strain off your wrists. You want the palm of you had to be rooted into the mat. You want to imagine a jelly bean in palm of you hand. Don’t squish the jelly bean. Leaving a small pocket of air in your palm. The boney articulations of your finger joints should be pressing into the mat. While your fingers should be soft, while pushing into the mat. Weight should be even from front to back, left to right. Both hands should have the same weight load in them. If you feel more in one side than the other shift your weight to be evenly distributed.

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