week 1 yoga

Febuary 7-9th

I have done a few yoga classes in my life. Not many but a few. The gym I work for is always looking for subs in their yoga classes so I thought “hey why not let’s do yoga certification then I can sub in and help out”

This is a very different fitness life then the one I have been living. I have been doing Zumba and bootcamps, older adult classes. Yoga for me was something that i wasn’t ready for. I like the adrednalne. I like fast and sweat. Yoga was not for me. But in the past year I have many injuries and recently was told that I have to give up all.

My yoga journey begins with jitters and excitement. Bringing me out of my element. Having to be quiet and calm. Pfft not me!

My course is divided up into 9 months. The first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of those months I am in my course. 20 hours a weekend.

The first weekend was broken down for us. What to expect and what we will learn. Philosophy, anatomy, master classes, meditation, theory, class building, breaking down poses (asanas). Feeling a little overwhelmed but motivated.

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