Color Me Rad 2014

I decided to run Color Me Rad with my dad, 10 year old daughter and my 6 year old daughter.
Loving last year for the fun, color and excitement. I thought the girls would love it.

Running at Canada Olympic Park I should have known the event would include hills. To my defense the run last year was at COP and it didn’t have THAT many hills, it was also NOT 5km.

My girls, dad and I showed up with much excitement. We had been building this up for weeks.
Off we went. My dad and older daughter shot off like a bullet. I wouldn’t see them again till the finish line. My smaller daughter and I set off on our walk. It was a hot day in June. I kept promising my daughter that there would be people spraying us with water just around the corner. (they did last year). But those people never showed up, they were never around the corner. Not sure if the rules changed from last year to this year. In the 2013 year they had 4 water spray stations and 4 powder stations. This year….only 1 water spray station at the top of the hill. what I would assume was the half way mark.

I won’t even lie. After walking for 45 minutes with Sophia and only being half way. we cut through the trees and did a short cut. She is only little after all.

we finished the race in what felt like hours.

The girls had a blast. Throwing colour and getting covered.

I still love this race. I think it is a fun way to spend a morning. I would only suggest that people planning on running it, do a lot of hills. prepare your body for the incline of COP.

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