Cochrane winterfest 5km review

I happen to fall upon this race. It is the second year for the run. It is in January 28th during their annual family winterfest.

The cost of the race was $6. I thought I remembered reading that the race was going to be chipped timed. But when were got there it wasn’t. Our swag was a toque with last years date on it. Clearly leftovers. I felt soooo special.

Repeated emails to the organizers to get result times left me without a response.

The course was WAY beyond slippery. In fact my dad fell. Without course marshals on the course. He had to walk his way back to start line.

I understand this race was only $6 but if you can’t do it properly don’t do it at all.

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2 Responses to Cochrane winterfest 5km review

  1. Dave Taylor says:

    You really think a race for 6 bucks would be chipped? As for the ice, it’s January. Next time save your 6bucks and save everyone your whining.

    • lrfit says:

      You are right. Why would I expect a $6 race to be chipped timed? Other than the fact that it was advertised that way. Also I have run many, many races in the winter and have not had a problem running on ice. I put this on the organizers for not looking at the course a head of time and either changing the course or putting down salt on the extremely icy patches. A few volunteers on the course to “warn” people or just to be there in case of a fall or emergency would have been nice too. When my dad fell, there was no one within 2kms for him to go to for help. That is wrong in my mind. Every race should have enough safety help in place. If not, cancel the race. And yes, I acknowledge the fact that I choose to do the race, but when the ice is 2-3 km down the path you don’t know it’s there until you are on it. I don’t think your “save everyone your whining” comment is necessary. I find it rude and disrespectful. I am here to let people know about races. To inform them about what I liked and didn’t like about events.

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