Being on over three months of no exercise I have notice a slight weight gain and muscle loss. My body currently is like a science experiment.

What will happen to a very active 33 year old women when she is told to stop all activity for at least three months?

Controlled variables: expended Couch time, chair time, car time
Uncontrolled variables: Type and amount of food

Observation 1. Calorie Intake
Normally I eat everything that stands still for 20 seconds. I am always trying to consume as many calories as possible, just to keep weight on. Silly as it sounds it never occurred to me to cut back on calories or portion sizes during my rest. I kept eating as though I was burning 1000’s of calories a day.

Observation 2. Lack of Motivation
I am a very motivated person. I am go, go, go! Let’s go some more!!! All the time. Because I was told I could do only point to point walking and nothing else. I quickly fell into my sedentary life. I found it very hard to even get motivated to go to my yoga practice. Which to be honest is about a 5 minute drive from my house. I would talk all day about going to yoga, but when time came to change and go out. It seemed like a lot of work. “ugg….I have to put on my sports bra and yoga pants….ugg I have to get my mat and drive ALL THAT WAY….ugg” (REALLY!!!)
I suddenly need a partner to workout, where I have never needed one before. If no one wanted to go with me. I simply didn’t go.

Observation 3: Lung Capacity
I find it laughable, a person who makes a living getting my and others heart rates up and keeping them up couldn’t even get up the stairs without getting winded. My hip makes me stop half way up which is one problem, but once I get to the top it takes me a good 2 or 3 breathes to catch my breathe. My heart is pounding. This is crazy to me.

Observation 4: Food Choice
A very health diet family. We eat properly all the time, we spend a lot of money, time and effort eating well. I pride myself on not buying packaged anything and having girls that love ethnic foods more than meat and potato kinda meals. But as of late, we have started to eat out more often because it is just easier. When I worked full time during the day and taught at night we ate better. Now that I am home during the evenings we seem to “not have time” to cook. Strange how does that work? Our healthy food goes to waste because we decide to go out for Chinese, burgers, or Indian instead.

A 15 pound weight gain. Probably more if you count muscle loss and the fact that muscle weight more than fat.
A loss of energy
Crappy sleep
Tighter clothes

I had a conversation with my husband two days ago. Where I said enough is enough. Time to get back on the wagon. Just because I can’t do my normal cardio, doesn’t mean I can’t do other things. weights, eat better, go for a bike ride. (which I am allowed to do). Time to once again practice what I preach. I have found when I tell people I am a trainer/group ex instructor they look me up and down and look like “umm really??”
I am not an overweight person by any stretch of imagination. This “science experiment” has given me an eye opening. People who are overweight, out of shape and have an unhealthy diet/lifestyle find it very hard to get on the healthy lifestyle band wagon, to get motivated to change. I could never understand why. NOW I DO!

Science experiment complete. Kind of….Got to get my abs of steel back. Challenge accepted!

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