Prenatal Yoga

Ok, Ok, Ok, those that read this and personally know me…..No I am NOT expecting. It is all in the name of research.

I will disclose that I have two children, I have been through the whole baby carrying, and having a baby thing. I know what it is all about. I know what the women in the class are experiencing.

I figured I have a bad hip and pregnant women have to be careful of their pelvis, hips and mid section. This class should be perfect for me. I will admit I was a little nervous walking in there, hoping no one would out me for not being “with child”. NO one asked me how far along I was, I am sure a few questioned me thinking I didn’t look very far along. The instructor and I had, had words so she knew I was there for research.

I was surprised to see mostly newly pregnant women in the class. I kinda expected to see a whole lot of 9 month bellies. Most were no further along then I would guess 6 months. Enter the instructor. I like this instructor, I have taken a few different classes with her. I think she is great! She explains the poses and why we are doing them. she offers different levels, She asks what we want out of the class and from time to time she cracks a joke.

Off we go!

We started the class on the floor and did a lot of the same stuff as I had done in the yoga for backs class. The only difference was we used a lot of props and we held the each asana for a good 3-4 minutes. I remember thinking during the 3rd pose. Wow we are only going to do a handful of asanas because we will run out of time if we keep this up.

We came up from the mat and did a lot of balance work, which thinking back on it, is very interesting because as a pregnant women you are very top heavy so balance is not really your friend. So doing a tree pose was totally unexpected.

prenatal tree pose

as well as a few downward dogs.

downward prenatal
After which we moved back to the mat. The instructor explained to us that even though we may think twisting is bad for the baby and the belly, it really isn’t because we are twisting from the upper body which is completely safe. twist away!

What surprised me was after this we went into yoga Nidra which is a style of yoga meant to put you to sleep. literally. We prop ourselves up all safe and comfy grab our blankets and go into a GREAT relaxation visualization. It was fantastic. This took what I can only assume was 15 minutes of class. For all I know it was only 5 minutes or maybe it was 20. I have no idea. It felt like a long while but at the same time felt like a single breathe. Amazing!

yoga nidra

The class ended shortly after, we thanked our bodies for moving in the way they had and off we went. I went back to the teacher and asked how I could find the visualization she had done. She mentioned some places I could find it. doing research online below is very similar:

Right side
Right hand thumb, second finger, third finger, fourth finger, fifth finger, palm of the hand, back of the hand, lower right arm, upper arm, the shoulder, the armpit, the right side of the torso, the right upper leg, the lower leg, the ankle, the right foot, the right toes.

Left side
Left hand thumb, second finger, third finger, fourth finger, fifth finger, palm of the hand, back of the hand, lower left arm, upper arm, the shoulder, the armpit, the left side of the torso, the left upper leg, the lower leg, the ankle, the left foot, the left toes.

Become aware of the right shoulder blade, the left shoulder blade, the right buttock, the left buttock, the spine, the whole back.

Now go the top of the head. Become aware of the top of the head, the forehead, the right eyebrow, the left eyebrow, the space between the eyebrows, the right eye, the left eye, the right ear, the left ear, the nose, the lips, the throat, the right chest, the left chest, the middle of the chest, the navel, the lower belly.

Major Parts
The right leg, the left leg; both legs together. The right arm, the left arm, both arms together. The back of the body, the front of the body, the head, whole body, the whole body, the whole body (repeat one more time).

Are you awake? Repeat to yourself: “I am awake.” Total awareness. Awareness of the whole body. The whole body lying down. See your body lying down. Visualize your body lying down.

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