Funky Fridays

My local yoga spot has a funky flow $5 Friday’s class.

Come get your groove on in this funky flow class! Be prepared for funky tunes, funky yoga, and a whole lot of fun! All levels welcome

I really got excited. I thought “cool, some groovy music some flowing moves and a break from the everyday yoga class”. My friend (we will call her Sue) came with me this time. She loves yoga and I figured this would be right up our alley.

Wow were we disappointed. Don’t get me wrong it was a great class we did…. count them……29 downward dogs. But it wasn’t funky, it wasn’t flowing and it wasn’t all the fun. The music was the same ole’ yoga music. When I think of funky tunes that would go with yoga I think Ben Harper.


I think Ani DeFranco.


Not chanting and humming.


My Friend “Sue” has not really been to “cold” yoga before. She has been to a bunch of hot yoga classes. She found the class very challenging. She said it was hard to do so many downward dog and upward dogs without getting dizzy. I find the same thing. Not sure if it is Ashtanga yoga or if it is just this studio, but I find I have done more downward dogs in my last few weeks then I have done in years.

downward dog

I thought maybe I miss understood the description. so I went to a second Funky Friday class. Nope no such luck. The two classes were the same.

So I guess if your looking to try yoga and don’t want to spend $17 for a drop in class. Find your local Funky Friday for $5.

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