I grew 3 feet!!!

Class description:

“Using the principles and specialized props developed for Critical Alignment Therapy, this class works to relieve strain and tension in the body by using long holds in therapeutic postures. Once tension has been released, we start to develop more effective movement patterns in the body. This class is beneficial for anyone working through injury, chronic pain, or repetitive stress injuries, or just simply looking for relaxation. You will gain a greater sense of body awareness, a release of muscular tension, possible pain reduction, and an improved feeling of physical wellness. This is a great class for beginners!”

Ok maybe this time the class will be something I can handle. I have managed to walk again after my Saturday morning class. My legs have loosened up, the jelly feeling has gone away. My shoulders no longer scream at me when I try to dress myself. I am ready to yoga again. I was going to invite my mum to this class too, but thought I had better try it out alone first to ensure it would be something she would be comfortable with.

The whole environment is different right from when I walk in the door. I am greeted with a warm smile from my female instructor. She tells me that I just need to sign in on the sheet and head into class. I let her know that I have not done this class before so I am unsure of what props I need. “Just a blanket, and a foam stick”. Perfect! “thank you, see you in there”.

I have a few minutes until the class is to start so I sit on my mat and hang out. It’s that funny time while waiting for something to start where you don’t really know what to do with yourself. I look around to see some people meditating, others talking to each other,I am alone. Normally when alone I would pull out my phone to pass my time, but it is in my bag outside of the classroom. So instead I sit and take in my surroundings. It’s quiet, calm and inviting. I notice the age group is much older than the other class. I am probably one of the youngest in the room. The couple next to me welcomes me and we chat for a moment. Interesting….

In walks the instructor.
“how are you all feeling today?”
“what should we work on today? Any concerning areas?”
“low back
“ok, we can do that”

I think to myself wow, she actually cares enough about her participants that she is asking us what we want to do. She spends the next few minutes explaining to us how the class will work, and the history behind critical alignment as well as her background. I feel at ease, comfortable and ready to work.

We spend the first half of class on the mat, using our towel to prop ourselves in proper positions all the while moving slowly from level to level. The whole time I can’t stop thinking to myself “this is great! I love this”, “wow my husband could benefit from this”, “I need to learn more about this” “This should be my focus”.

We eventually stand do some warrior work then head over to the wall. We have been laughing on and off through the whole class. She has been telling stories and giving descriptions such as “find your BeyoncĂ© butt”. It is a fun, causal environment. Once finished on the wall we had back to our mats and do some more balance and strengthen work. Before I know it, it is time to lay on the mat and reflect about what we have just done. WOW it’s over already??!! I don’t want to go home yet!!

Once class is finished I thank my instructor for an amazing class. I tell her I am doing my 200 hour yoga certification and LOVED everything she did today. She mentions to me that they are doing a 6 week critical alignment class, it started last week but I could still register. Also that in May the creator of this particular critical alignment theory is coming to Calgary. If I am interested I could sign up for his workshops seeing as how at the end of the year I will be a fellow instructor. OMG!!! I am in!!!!

I drive home thinking to myself what a completely different experience. I feel taller as if I have more space in between my vertebrae. I feel relaxed and happy. I am glad I went back for another class. Unlike most who would have walked away after one class. I called my mum and told her that next time I go to this class she needs to come with me. she will do really well because the instructor sets everyone up for success.

I can’t wait to go back.


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