devestating news

I have been having hip problems for nearly a year. I have had MRI’s X-rays and more Physio appointments than I can count.

I have major damage in my hip and deterioration in my spine. No clue how it happened but none the less it’s there. I had been told by my Physio that I could keep teaching, running and basically living my life. Just “don’t be stupid” Meaning when I am sore, stop.

I have been doing just that. My hip getting worse and worse as the year has gone one. I posted earlier this year that I had a goal of top 3 in my age group or just to beat my dad.

I have finally met a hip surgeon who has put a stop to all of this. I am no longer allowed to run, dance or do anything high impact.

I am allowed to swim and walk. When I say walk I mean point a to point b.

What does this mean for my blog to top 3……….it means it is over for now. I am hoping this isn’t the end of my “high impact life”.

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