Sun Salutation with the sun rise

My homework for month one of my yoga 200 hour yoga certification is to increase my yoga practice. Meaning if you practice yoga twice a week, up it to 3 or 4 times a week. If you practice at home, keep doing that but try to get out of the house and take a class. If you take classes, try staying home. If you don’t yoga at all……..Go do yoga. I am the latter. I will admit. I am pretty busy so actually getting time to practice yoga hasn’t happened for a long while. Now I must find time.

I decided to take ten minutes out of my hurried mornings to do sun salutations. My mornings normally consist of “GIRLS GET UP!!!!” “GIRLS EAT BREAKFAST!!!” “GIRLS HURRY UP!!!” Many times my husband has said to me. “Wake up ten-fifteen minutes earlier. It will help”. I wouldn’t do it. My sleep time is WAY too important to me.

I decided that I would get up a few minutes earlier and do a little yoga. Depended on the amount of time I have will determine how much yoga I can fit in. I hope to go from sun salutation to a full hour in the morning eventually. But for right now I have set the realistic goal of sun salutation in the morning.

Being in Calgary we are right smack dab in winter. It is usually dark when we get up and even when we get to school. I have Started getting up, almost eyes closed stumbling into my living room. My dog stumbles in after me and falls to the floor near me. The first morning he was all over me, thinking it was time to play. I was after all in a down ward dog pose. Very quickly he figured out this is “me time” and he is to not bother me. Now he just quietly supports me.

My first flow is usually pretty stiff and slow. My body connecting with my mind, waking to Realize what my mind wants my body to do. I begin to loosen up with each flow. My mind wakens, my lungs fill with air, my legs get more flexible with each dog ward dog with each plank I feel stronger. I can fill my circulation awakening. Once I have completed my 10-15 minutes I take a moment to thank my heart, mind, and body for allowing me to move the way I have.

It wasn’t until the 4th day that I realized that I had my back to my window. Maybe because I didn’t want the neighbors to see me. Or maybe I didn’t want to see my neighbors. But what I didn’t realize was that as I was moving through my sun salutations the sun was rising in the sky behind me. Day 5 I started my new daily practice. Right before I inhaled just before I raised my arms I stopped, turned around, re-grounded my feet in mountain pose and opened my eyes. I could see the slight peak of sun between the houses. I began. With every sun salutation I greet the sun rise. The sun rise greets me. As I walk upstairs to wake my girls I notice how grounded I feel, how much energy I have, how I feel ready to take on the day ahead of me.

My mornings seem to be getting smoother, we seem to laugh more, we seem to be ready for school easier and faster. Ten minutes in the morning is worth every second. I can’t wait to wake up in the mornings.

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