Running in 2014

Bring on the newest year!! 2014!!!

My running year might be cut short this year. So I figure get in as many runs as I can before I have hip surgery in the summer time.

So far I am signed up for:

The orginal St. Patrick’s day run in March 16th
Color me Rad in June 28th

and hopefully the policeman’s half marathon in April. Depending on how my hip holds up it might be a 5km run instead.

Today was the first time I have run since my Canmore half marathon in September of last year. I will be honest my personal training and group instructor life makes it very hard to find time or leg energy to run. But knowing that I might not get to do any running later this year. I figure I will make the most of the first half of the year.

Jan 5, 2014 run

Pretty happy with where I ended up on my treadmill today. I spent my half hour listening to my new Zumba music planning chorography in my head.

I am thinking that 2 runs a week are probably my max. I have always wanted to get top 3 in my age group and am yet to get that. To do this at the St. Pat’s run I will have to run at least faster than 22 mins 07 seconds. I have never run that fast before….EVER!

Hmmmmm I sense a challenge!!! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!

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