mountain stream leg wraps review

From the website…

Product description: The Mountain Stream Elite leg wraps are an ice bath alternative for athletes. They are designed to surround an athlete’s legs in a blanket of ice to deliver the same recuperative and analgesic effects of a traditional ice bath.
After a quality workout, take out the Mountain Stream Elite leg wraps from your fridge or freezer. Wrap them snug around each leg in seconds. There is nothing to plug-in, pump up or insert. Sit down, relax and wear them for 10-15 minutes.
When you are done using the leg wraps, fold them up and keep them in your fridge or freezer so they are ready for your next intense workout. A pair of the wraps folds to a compact size that is similar to a cereal box.
We are confident that once you use the Mountain Stream Elite leg wraps they will be the first thing on your mind at the end of (or even during) your intense workouts.
The Mountain Stream Elite leg wraps are a premium product that are made in Canada and designed for years of use.

Mountain stream cold therapy

What I think about them…..

I just completed my 3rd Spartan Sprint and my legs are sore. I decided to come home and treat myself to a leg wrap therapy. this easy to use cold therapy wrap is perfect for my sore legs. I pull them out of my freezer and sit myself down on the couch to relax for ten minutes. They take the ache and swelling out of my legs almost instantly. My muscles recovered so much faster than if I had put bags of peas or ice on them or if I had sat in an Ice bath. Let’s face it. After a hard morning of battling gladiators watching a bit of TV while my legs recover is so much better than sitting in inches of ice water.

I recommend that you make sure you are wearing long pants with this product. I have worn them with bare legs and it is not as enjoyable.

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