Canmore Half Marathon Review 2013

canmore start line

What a beautiful day for a run. The weather was perfect. We had heard that because of the Alberta floods that had hit in early June the race route would be changed. But the good people of Canmore worked day and night to ensure our route was unchanged. Running past the beautiful rivers you could still see some of the damage of the floods.

debris canmore

I must say I was very happy this happened, I have run in the rainforests of BC, past the golden gate bridge but nothing compares to the mountains. My province is home to the most wonderful amazing scenery. Not only do we have mountains, but we have lakes, streams and wildlife.

canmore half map

sept. 13,2013 phone 131

We started out at 8am. we ran our first 2-3km through the streets of Canmore. I kinda thought to myself. “if this run is through the city streets I won’t be happy. Not what I signed up for”. Just as that thought crossed my mind I turned a corner and wow! what a Site. We were taken into a forest. Trees as far as the eyes could see. My lungs filled with the rich fresh oxygen and I was alive. Once out of the tress we were greated with a beautiful river to our left and multi million dollar homes to my right. I couldn’t decide which way to look. haha.

sept. 13,2013 phone 135

I climbed, man did I climb. Nothing to super major until the 11km mark. Passing by a little pond that smelt like sulfer. I climbed. There were many switch backs that made the climb seems so much harder. The climb ended around the 16km mark. Then it was all down hill from there. Literally. Because of course what goes up must come down. My knees took a beating.

sept. 13,2013 phone 137

I remember thinking to myself as I looked at my garmin “I am at 18km and still in the trees. How am I going to get back to the start in 3km”. Next thing I know there was a sign for the 20km mark. Still in the trees. “hmmmmm” Went over a bridge that took us into the trees at the start of the race and BAM! there was the finish line.

sept. 13,2013 phone 140

You might be thinking…”why didn’t you look at the markers to guide you on how much run was left?” We because every time I saw a marker I looked at my garmin and it was off anywhere from 50m to a 1km. Who was right and who was wrong. Who knows. I am thinking it was my garmin. Being in the forest might have made it hard to get a satellite
sept. 13,2013 phone 139.

Crossed the finish line thinking I was going to get a finishers medal. After all every half I have ever done has a medal. Nope not this time. What The??!! To be honest that is one of the things I look forward to. The other thing that seemed strange to me was that they didn’t give out a t-shirt. Instead they gave out buffs and a tree sapling. yes these were cool ideas. But for people who like to wear a shirt to show their accomplishments this is a bit disappointing. You could however by a cotton t-shirt for $25. No thanks. All that being said I would run this event over and over again. AMAZING!!

sept. 13,2013 phone 137

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