Color Me Rad Review 2013

It is days after Color Me Rad blew through Calgary. After the devastating floods that swept through my city. Color Me Rad decided to postpone the 5km run to August 3rd.

I waited with baited breathe for this event. I had seen all the photos posted on Color Me Rad’s facebook and I was excited. What is Color Me Rad?? How do you NOT KNOW!? It is advertised as tsunami of color that’ll make colored tears of joy run down your cheeks and will renew your will to live.

Color Me Rad is a 5K that fires off in a blaze of color bombs, color cannons, color mortars, and multi-toned courses that guarantee your outlook will be brighter.

Race Day

color me rad before

Because I had to teach a few class before running. I saw many a friend post on facebook their photos of color. I have to admit I was a bit put off. No one seemed to have the amount of color on their clothes as the people on color me rad’s facebook. As myself and 3 friends drove to Canada Olympic Park I said “I hope this event isn’t all hype and a total let down”.

We arrived at the park and had to go to the registration because Robert hadn’t receive his extra color bombs that he had payed for at package pick up. I expected major problems. Sure, I was going to walk up and say “I didn’t get our extra color bombs”. Thinking I would be greeted with a “well prove it” face. Nope, easily enough Robert was told he could pick out his colors. While he did this I scanned through the merchandise table to find to my pleasure everything was pretty cheap. Shorts $12.00, water bottles $7.00 and bandanas $5.00. I walked away with shorts, a shirt, 2 bandana’s, a headband and a hat for under $60.00.

We wondered over to the stage to get jazzed up. And wouldn’t you know it. The MC’s were throwing color bomb’s out to the crowd. By the time it came for us to run between the 4 of us had 12 bags. Woot Woot!!

I thought I would mention. The color bombs were near impossible to open. The instructions on the package stated you must tear it open with your teeth. Doing this made for very gross tastes in your mouth as the powder ended up everywhere. I also couldn’t help but wonder, if you had false teeth. How were you to open you bags???

Off we run!!!!

>start of color me rad

We came to our first color station……yellow water! Did not expect that. But wicked because it was a really hot day. That followed with 3 powdered stations purple, red and blue. Then a second water station this time green. I discovered the trick to total color coverage is to walk through the stations it gives the volunteers the chance to throw lots of color dust at you, with the water stations you need to run through sideways so to get the most color on you.

Half way through the course we were given a hydration station with full size water bottles. Which was great. But maybe not totally necessary. It was a lot of water to carry around the course. I watched most people throw away half to 3rd full bottles. Mini bottles would have been great.

I rounded the last corner of the course and was given a color bomb to throw as I crossed the finish line. This seemed kinda silly, I think I would have rathered it at the start of the race when I was standing with all my friends. Not at the end when I crossed the line alone.

I looked down at my clothes and loved what I saw. For all my facebook friends who posted their nearly clean clothes. YOU DID THE RACE WRONG!!! I was a kaleidoscope of color. If you walked away from that race with a scrap of white on you, you didn’t do it right.

Color me rad group shot

But something didn’t seem right, so I looked down at my garmin and to my surprise….3km. The race that promised 5km of color fun was only 3km long. WTF!! They didn’t tell anyone that the course had been shortened, they didn’t offer any compensation in way of refunds. Don’t get me wrong the race was worth every penny when it comes to fun. But for a 3km race it was kinda expensive.

Leaving the event I thanked the sercurity gaurds. They mentioned that Color Me Rad had a contract with Canada Olympic Park to hold Color Me Rad there for the next 5 years. YEPPIE!!!!!

Would I run this race again?? In a heart beat! I heard from some, after that they had so much fun the first time that they ran the course 3 or 4 times over. I thought about doing that too, but the people I was with didn’t want to run again. Boo them. Next time I will leave them in my colorful dust.

sunglasses color me rad

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