Calgary floods and Color me Rad

My city, my home went through a major crisis this weekend. Flooding has ravaged my town. I first would like to say that my heart goes out to any and all of those that are affected. I am lucky to be safe, dry, warm and in my own home. I have many friends and co-workers that are not so lucky.

I am proud of the amount of people who are willing to give up their homes and belongings to help others. People wanting to volunteer being turned away right now. which I completely understand. I promise you I will be one of the first out on the streets helping with the clean up when the city calls for help and have opened my home to those in need.

The only frustrating thing that I have to mention is the people on Facebook. (I must note, I do not know any of these people). People who are lashing out at the race event organizers of color me rad. What people need to understand is that when an organization makes a post on Facebook a lot of those people are not in our city. They are in, in most cases the United States. When they post things such as “Calgary are you ready to get rad!!??” They do not realize that the city is going through a major crisis. For people to then attack the organization is ridiculous. To lash out, to call the race organizers heartless makes no sense to me. I understand that people are stressed and upset. But we need to take a step back and realize that they are not trying to be disrespectful. To further that, to demand that color me rad donate money to Calgary is unreasonable. This in my opinion, this puts the race organizers in a tough spot. If they donate money that was raised for other charities then those charities lose. If they do not donate, then they are heartless cold runners who only care about themselves.

To demand that anyone donate time, money or belongings is unreasonable. You don’t understand each persons personal situation. Including companies.

I will note that Color me rad stated that they would donate money to Calgary. So thank you Color me Rad. It is very kind of you to do this.

I felt that I needed to vent a little about this. While I am proud of my city and the people in it, this upset me. color me rad….I am excited to run in your event on Saturday. I hope that does run. I will completely understand if it needs to be cancelled or postponed. You won’t hear words of frustrations from me.

Rant over.

I will add that as of right now, color me rad is planning on running on Saturday. I am volunteering at package pick up on Thursday night. See you there

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2 Responses to Calgary floods and Color me Rad

  1. lrfit says:

    I will add that as of right now, color me rad is planning on running on Saturday. I am volunteering at package pick up on Thursday night. See you there!

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