Calgary Policeman’s Half Marathon 2013

I know I started my back to running goal of doing a personal best in the policeman’s half. It was the first half marathon I had run and it still stands as my personal best time. I will just cut to the chase. I didn’t beat my time. Nope not even close. Now in all fairness and excuses I hadn’t trained for the event. This is a stupid thing to do for all those new runners out there. You never try to tackle a long distance of any kind without training first. You are just asking for trouble. My already existing hip problem. My recovering shoulder. It was a recipe for disaster. So I got very “zen” about it and thought “I’m not going to get a personal best, so why not enjoy the view”. This instantly relax any pre run jitters I had.

Package pick up was at Mount Royal University. Because I am not familiar with the campus, I had asked a kind stranger if I was close to the rec area. He said yes…..he lied. I walked for what felt like a kilometer. Picked up my package with little effort and was out on my long walk back to my truck before I knew it.


Dad and I arrived in plenty of time found parking nice and close and headed inside to keep warm. The weather was perfect. Not to warm, and not to cold. Very Goldilocks and the three bears. I started slow, thinking “just pace myself”. We wound our way out of the university and across Crowchild trail, through the residential streets and over the Glenmore water station foot bridge. Once we crossed over Crowchild trail again we entered into Glenmore reservoir park. The path is pretty narrow for most of the run. luckily there wasn’t a lot of pedestrians on the path. Runners wind through the trees and take in the beautiful crisp morning air. We run along the back side of the hospital and Heritage park. The last time I ran in this race we detoured to the streets. Thankfully they took that out and let us run through south Glenmore park the whole time. The policeman’s Half is known for it’s challenging hills, one in particular…..The weaselhead. It is 100 meters of sheer hill. It is a beast. I have heard people who are elite runners say they walk that hill and make their time up somehwere else. they say it is not worth the 5 seconds that you gain to run it. That walking it helps save your body. The cool part is that once you reach the top you are celebrated for completing it by the Calgary police bagpipe band. Wicked!!!

bagpipe band

South glenmore park

I couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. This is an area of Calgary I didn’t know existed. Because of this run I got to experience it. As I got further through the run, I began to slow down. Ohhhhh Nooooo. I began to lose my momentum. The volunteers at the check points kept me going. Kept me motivated. To finish the race we run back to Mount Royal University.

All done!! A finish time of 2:38:13

Policeman half medal

30 mins more than my first time running in the Calgary Policeman’s Half. Now again in all fairness I didn’t train at all and I stopped to take lots of photos. I even had a friend on Facebook comment about how I was “hilarious” for taking photos during a race.

Once the race was over we headed back into the building for the usual boring banana, water and cookie. The organizers had the results posted on the wall which was great. You could see how the first 100 people finished. While we snacked on our bananas the organizers called up the winners, this seemed a very non event. Then they moved on to the random draw. I get why they wait so long to do this,
(because they want everyone to have finished) but because they left it so long, most of the people had left already. One thing I didn’t like about the post race event was that we had to walk down a full set of stadium stairs to get our snacks. which you guessed it! Meant then that you had to walk all the way back up those same stairs. That sucked!!!

I think it is great that events take photos of runners. It’s wonderful. What drives me crazy is that when I go to view them on the site I have to scroll through hundreds of photos. To find that I don’t have a photo on there!!!! Why can’t you enter your bib number to see your photo. I have seen it on other sites I know it is possible.

Rant over.

All in all this was a very well run race. I might go for a third attempt at getting a personal best in 2014.

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