The orginal St. Patrick’s day race 2013 review

This is the third year doing this race. The past two years I have ran the 10km distance. This year I was signed up for the 10km but decided at package pick-up that I would down grade to the 5km. Just not feeling confident that my shoulder would hold up for 10km. I explained my perdicament to the pick-up volunteers and they readily helped me out. This change in other races would have cost me a “small administration fee”, but not this time. Yeppie! Our package included a great celtic long sleeve shirt, a reuseable water bottle and bag.

Race day is upon us.

I wake up to one of the coldest days we have had all month. It is -13 without the wind. It is blizzarding sideways. I couldn’t believe it. Arriving at Cennenatal school and found parking with little effort. The race began. I wished my dad a good run, he was still attempting the 10km distance. I had about 20 minutes to myself. I listened to the MC stress the importance of safety, that we should help our fellow runners. “If someone falls or is struggling help them out. Don’t worry about your times today, just go out and have fun….expect to add some minutes to your overall times. Account for the cold weather on your lungs. Be safe.” I LOVE THAT! Safety is huge. For people that were doing their first race it suggested that they adjust themselves. Then it was my turn. Off I went. The snow was blowing and roads and paths were icy and snowy. I felt myself tense with every step just to maintain my footing. I eventually crossed the finish line 35 minutes later to the voice of the MC “Head inside as quickly as you can. Your body will cool off faster than normal out in this cold. Go inside, warm up and enjoy some chili”. I waited to greet my dad at the finish line. Something I have never done because he always beats me.

cell phone march 2013 420

We headed inside, found the gym, and the large line up for the after run chili. We opted to wait for the line to go down a bit, which didn’t take long at all. It was very well controlled and maintained. While we waited we decided to go to the instant photo booth and have our annual St. Pat’s photo taken. We dawned our crazy costumes and had 3 photos taken. Within minutes we had our keepsakes. Then off to the Irish stew. Runners were provided with Beef Irish stew or vegetarien stew,provided by red tree. Buns, fruit,lucky charms, and green chocolate mint scones provided by Cobs bakery. Such a feast. The thing that makes this event stand out though?…. Steamwhistle beer. $5 a bottle.

st. pat's fest

Because Steamwhistle beer was a sponser of this event. Runners were given the chance to put their names in a draw box to win their weight in beer. One lucky women and man got called up and put on a teeter totter. The name of the game? See how many cases of beer can be put on the other end before you tip up. the gentleman won ten cases while the women won eight.
Top three winners in each gender and age group were gifted with a fairly large beer stein as their reward for a job well done.

Beer Stein

This event is such a good time. Many races I have done in the past have felt like a non event. Once you are finished running you can go. The Orignal St. Patrick’s day race creates a family atmostphere. They make you want to stick around to see the winners. You want to meet and make new friends with the fellow runners. I would reccommend this event to anyone wanting to have a great time.

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