Day 2

Ready with a new battery in my Garmin foot pod, I hit the treadmill this morning.  My great run the other day was unfortunatly followed by a very sore shoulder and back.  I must admit I was a little nervous to run today. I didn’t want a repeat of the sore week I have had.  I thought to myself, maybe I should not run, maybe I will start up again next week.  But nope, I have been told it is ok to run by my doctors, so I stepped on the treadmill and off I ran.  I repeated my run from earlier in the week.  I promised myself I wouldn’t run anymore than 20 minutes.  After about 10 minutes I decided to only run 15 minutes.  I wasn’t feeling it.  Then as it always does, the 15 minute mark hit and I found my stride, so I  decided to push for 20 minutes.

Not a bad run by any means, but not a great run either. I managed to get up to 9mph speed on my treadmill.  Because it took so long to get there It took me 20 minutes to complete 3 Kms.  Not happy with that time at all.

If I keep at this pace I will be set to complete my Policeman’s half in April in 2 hours 38 minutes.  This does not agree with my 2 hour 10 minute goal.

Must go faster!!!


Feb 3, 2013

20 minutes – 3km

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