Running Day 1

Taking into consideration my previous running routine. I decided to go for a short run today. The first run since September 2012. I went down to my treadmill and turned on my beloved Garmin to find out that the foot pod’s batteries have died. “Dang it!!! Oh well, gonna run anyway”.  For those that know me, running without some sort of pedometer is almost unheard of.  I like to know how far I have been and how long I took to get there.

I stepped onto the treadmill.  “Hello old friend”. Because it had been a while since I had run I have often wondered if the love had been lost.  I stepped on the treadmill and was instantly reassured about how much I truly love to run. I fell into an easy stride immediately.  I intended on running for 3km.  But not being able to gauge that made it a bit hard, so instead I decided to run for fifteen minutes.  My new playlist “run 2013” led me easily through my first five minutes.  The next ten minutes raced bye with little effort.  I felt great.  Barely out of breath and not even breaking a sweat,  I decided to push for twenty minutes.  When the twenty-minute mark hit I was sad to turn off the treadmill.  I would liked to have run for longer.  But my years of running have taught me to not push too hard too fast.  I took a minute or two to cool down and climbed off my treadmill.


20 minutes at 8.4 speed

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