Most people think the Kettlebell is a new type of equipment that has just popped up in the fitness world…but those people are wrong. This gear has been around for hundreds of years.

Let’s back up a bit.  Kettlebells originated in Russia in the 1700’s.  The Russians used them to build strength and cardiovascular endurance.  They have been called a canonball with a handle (The kettlebell, not the Russians).  Anyway…kettlebells come in many different sizes, anywhere from 2.3kg  (5 pounds) to 32kg (70 pounds).  You’ll want to make sure you pick ones that have a rubber cover on the base.  Having a hard shell cover will cause it to crack and break quickly when you hit it on the ground.  Not to mention…it’s really loud.  They are very comparable to free weights.  Anything you can do with a free weight, you can do with a kettlebell…and so much more.

The Kettlebell focuses on your core while building all over functional strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, mobility and agility.  In order to master the many different types of exercises you can do with the kettlebell you must first ensure you have a strong core.

Stick to the basics at first.  Simple squats while holding the kettlebell, or side to side stomach crunches.  Once you’ve got a great core and a clear understanding of how the kettlebell works you can move on to the more advanced exercises such as the “swing and jerk”, a movement that involves swinging the bell between your legs, raising it to your shoulder and lifting it above your head and then back down again.  Or the “Clean”  having the kettlebell between your legs, picking it up and holding to your shoulder, then putting it back down again.  Not something you want to try on your first workouts.

Respect the kettlebell, it is an amazing tool with great powers.  Use it right and you will see huge results.  Rush it and you will be left with back pain and a heavy paperweight.

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