Race time

Deciding to do a race is a big deal.  Your on the computer with your hand hovering over the payment options thinking to your self “should I do it?  what if I can’t do it?  what if I can do it?”  then you hit “confirm”  That’s it!! Your in!!!! There is no backing out now.  You are commited.  You start your training, you get up early.  You don’t have that extra drink the night before because you know you have a long run the next morning.

Then it happens, the big day!  The morning of the run.  You get up, get ready and head out.  If you are like me, you have butterflies in your stomach.  You get to the start line and look at all the people surrounding you.  You see people jumping up and down, you see people stretching, people finding music on their IPods.  you think “should I be jumping up and down? Should I be stretching?”  Then you hear it, “GO!!!!!!”  And your off!!  I get goosebumps everytime, it brings a tear to my eye.  You are surrounded by hundreds of people who have the same passion and love for the sport.  You are all family for that short amount of time.  Wait a minute!  Did your “sister” just pass you?  Did your “brother” just cut you off?  That is it!  It’s every man for themselves.  Bring it on!!

 Always pick someone in front of you.  That person is the one to beat.  Don’t worry about all the other people.  Only worry about that one person.  It will motivates you to keep moving, to go faster. to win your personal race.  They are your finish line.  You pass them, congrats.  Pick a new person.  Go again.  Get ahead of them

Then it happens.  You cross the finish line.  To me, it doesn’t matter if I am first or 300th.  (I have never been first).  All that matters is the finish.  You get your finishers medal, your banana and your juice box.  You walk around to get your heart rate to lower, to catch your breathe.  Take the time to look at your “family” you see smiles, tears, hugging and photos galore.  The pride should be over flowing in your body. 

Walk tall.

That feeling, right there.  That is what it is all about.  Run.

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